Teeth Whitening

People have sought brighter, whiter smiles for thousands of years, and many techniques have been tried. Some of them even damaged teeth and caused destruction of the enamel. The good news is that today’s professional whitening methods are better than ever, and perfectly safe when done properly.

Why Teeth Discolor

As we age, our teeth often become darker. This can be due to changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, staining by food and drink, and even by hidden disease or certain medications. Your genetics play a role, as well. For those and other reasons –possible allergies and sensitivities, prior dental work, etc., it’s important to have qualified dentist evaluate your oral health before you begin any whitening program.

Your Best Teeth Whitening Options

At Baymeadows Family Dentistry, we perform an oral examination, review your medical history and any allergies, and recommend the best cosmetic dentistry option for you as an individual. Many times we will suggest the ease and simplicity of an in-office procedure. In-office whitening procedures are the safest and quickest ways to whiten teeth and can give you a whiter smile in less than an hour.

We strive to make your whitening experience carefree, protecting sensitive soft tissues and making sure there are no obstacles to success. Our professional whitening options are safe, effective, convenient and long-lasting, compared to over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

Whitening Alternatives

If bleaching and whitening are not good options or can’t get your teeth as white as you’d like, veneers, Lumineers, or Snap-On Smile are good alternatives. These cosmetic dentistry procedures are long-lasting and resist discoloration or staining. In addition to whitening your smile, veneers and bonding can cover cracks, chips, and slight misalignment’s.

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