Tooth Bonding as a Simple Remedy

Dental bonding is one of the most popular and simple cosmetic dentistry remedies for tooth chips, small cracks, uneven spacing and other minor cosmetic concerns. In most cases, anesthesia is not even required.
The bonding process is performed in the office with a material called composite resin. This is a putty-like substance that is matched to your own tooth color. It is then gently applied to the existing tooth surface and expertly sculpted to a shape consistent with the surrounding teeth. The bonded surface is then hardened with a curing lamp and polished to a bright tooth-like luster. With proper oral care, bondings can last for many years.

For simple cosmetic concerns, tooth bonding can be an easy, affordable and painless solution. Please call Dr. Joseph Chiafair at Baymeadows Family Dentistry to see if tooth bonding is a remedy that is right for you.