Tooth-Colored Fillings in Jacksonville, Florida

Metal fillings have been used for filling teeth for over a hundred years. Not only are metal fillings very obvious and unsightly but, over time, they can corrode and even leak often causing more decay to occur underneath the fillings. They expand and contract with temperature changes which can result in cracking in the tooth’s enamel. There has also been much controversy about the safety of metal fillings over the long term.
When a patient develops a cavity, the decayed areas of the tooth must be removed, leaving an empty space. It is this space, or cavity, that requires “filling” to lend the support that the tooth needs to function properly. Thanks to new cosmetic dentistry technology, tooth-colored fillings are now available utilizing safe, and natural looking composite materials. These composite materials are more resistant to wear, color adjustable and easier to care for. These new fillings can be color matched to the natural color of your own teeth so they no longer present an unsightly smile.
Tooth–colored fillings also add strength to the affected tooth. In the bonding process, the composite is able to firmly adhere with the natural tooth’s enamel and create a better seal, improving the overall durability of the tooth’s structure. No health risks have been associated with these new tooth-colored composite fillings and patients report less discomfort and sensitivity than with the former metal fillings.
Please call Dr. Joseph Chiafair at Baymeadows Family Dentistry to get more information on tooth-colored fillings and how they can be more advantageous and natural looking for you and your smile.